Achilleas House | Sarti Sithonia

The village of Sarti is located in the prefecture of Halkidiki, on the peninsula of Sithonia. Founded after the destruction of Asia Minor by refugees who lived on a small island in Ofioua (Afisia) located in the Marmara Sea. Today it has about 1000 inhabitants. In summer, due to heavy tourist traffic the number reaches to 15,000- 20,000 thousand. The current name of the village (Sarti) comes, according to historical data from King Sartio or Sarti, who lived in this area and had built the state Sartoupoli which sank.

 It is a tourist center where visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature combining sea and mountains, crystal blue-green waters, white sand, inviting creeks, the only beaches that protect the scenic cliffs which enchant the visitor and formulate unforgettable memories to those who love the sea. The area is ideal for surfing, water skiing, boat rides to nearby beaches. Many tourists prefer the nearby beach of Kavourotripes. There are also many restaurants, cafes, bars, souvenir shops etc. which you can find just a short walk from the rooms.


Sightseeing - Archaeological Sites:

    The Xiropotamos Monastery with its magnificent church
    The works (sculptures and paintings) of the folk artist Zafiris at the village cafe.
     The cultural center (stone house)

Nearby beaches